Day 9: Doe in Heat

Day 9: O’so Brewing – Doe in Heat – American Lager 4.6% ABV

About the Beer

O’so Brewing Company is located in Plover, Wisconsin. This brewery has a similar story to many microbreweries across the midwest. The founder, Marc Buttera, was an avid homebrewer and made his first foray into the beer business by opening a homebrew supply store called Point Brewing Supply. From there, the brewery was developed, and In 2013 they were declared the second fasting growing brewery in Wisconsin. One of the things I love about O’so is that they care deeply about the state of Wisconsin, going so far as to use almost entirely Wisconsin made products to craft their beer. The grain, cases boxes, bottles, and can sleeves all are Wisconsin-made products. 

So as you’d expect, a brewery with such a dedication to our great state would create a beer in honor of many a Wisconsite’s favorite getaway, Deer Camp. Every fall the blaze orange army hauls their hunting gear (and well stocked coolers) to cabins, trailers, and in my case, a shed, to gather with our family and hunting buddies in preparation for the annual tradition. For those of you who have never been, Deer Camp is a wonderful place, filled with card games, countless chip varieties, cheese and cracker trays, dessert bars, and all sorts of snacks you don’t partake in normally. The crucial element of Deer Camp is when we regale one another with hunting stories of past bucks, the deer that got away, and trail cam monsters we’ll dream about later that night. These times call for a specific type of beer, one that you can have a few of without the fear of feeling sick when you climb into your blind the next morning. That brings us to our beer for this evening. 

Doe in Heat is an American Lager that O’so brews as one of their seasonal beers each fall. This light, easy drinking beer can also be found in cans labeled, ‘Buck in Rut,’ and it is said that finding one of those cans will bring you luck on Saturday morning of opening weekend. Pale, straw-yellow in color with grainy corn and yeast present in the aromas. The taste is sweet and malty with heavy carbonation and a creamy mouthfeel. This beer was not made to be inventive or push the envelope of how people think of beer, it was made to taste like beer in a traditional sense. So tonight, as you sip, reflect, and critique this beer, take time to reminisce about those gatherings and traditions that bring us joy. Think about the stories you’ve heard told more times than you can remember. I hope this beer helps you find your own moment of ‘Deer Camp’ tonight.



Advent Reflection

After reading the description of tonight’s beer and the encouragement to think about gatherings and traditions that bring us joy, I am reminded of how much I long for people gathering around the table. The song that I am sharing with you tonight is one that I find extremely beautiful. I certainly realize that I am taking a risk in vulnerability because people have very specific tastes in music, and possibly music videos, but bear with me and look past the awkwardness of two guys playing guitar in front of a table of people. The thing that I love about this music video is the communal gathering of people; different races, different creeds, different backgrounds. The lyrics of the song resonate with my heart greatly: “…You’re never a stranger, just come as you are…Come be whole, come be loved, come accepted, come now come.”

The One that we are waiting for and longing for this Advent season is one who is inviting us to His table. It doesn’t matter where we have been, what we have done, or what we think. We are all accepted and invited to His table. There is room at the table. During this time of pandemic, the thing that I have most longed for is sharing in the Communion (Eucharist) table with my brothers and sisters in Christ. The simple act of receiving the bread and the wine that reminds us of the body and blood of Christ shed for us in the cross is something that my soul seems to long for.

As you drink tonight’s beer and listen to the song, and possibly stay with me enough to read this post; I pray that you will accept the invitation and join the table of peace! “The table is set, the feast is ready!”

Grace and Peace,