Day 1: Even More Jesus

About the Beer:

Good Evening Fellow Beer Adventeers! 

First off, let me start by way of introduction. I was introduced to Beer Advent by Robert six years ago and, like many of you, loved being a part of the experience. Since then, Beer Advent has evolved and we, I (happily) volunteered to help brainstorm themes, select the beers for our yearly calendar, and write the descriptions of the breweries and the beers for our blog each night! We do try to let the beers we have chosen help tell a story and draw us deeper into our Advent reflections, purposefully chosen to not only provide variety, but start a conversation, not just an internal one with ourselves, but with one another. So that leads me to a challenge for each of us this year as we embark on this journey together; each night after you have finished your beer and read the reflection, leave a comment on the blog post. Share your thoughts on the beer, share other beers you think it is similar to, share what you are learning about from the readings. Though Robert and I are the organizers of Beer Advent, we are not the only ones going on this adventure, and we would love for more than just our voices to be represented in this space. With that, crack open that boozy, 16 ounce beauty, preferably into a chilled pint glass and I’ll tell you about the beer you’re drinking tonight!

Evil Twin Even More Jesus – Imperial Stout 12% ABV

We kick off our Beer Advent season with the aptly named, Even More Jesus, brewed by Evil Twin Brewing Company. First, about the brewery. 

Evil Twin is described as a gypsy brewery, because up until 2019 they did not have an official brick and mortar brewery, instead they partnered with other breweries to brew limited edition, one off, and seasonal beers primarily served in the founders bottle shop located in Copenhagen, Denmark and his bar, Tørst, located in Brooklyn, NY. Their website has scarce information about the brewery, but after a quick visit you’ll notice what they are most proud of, their BEER! It’ll take you several minutes just to scroll through all the different varietals they have brewed in their ten year history. The founder, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø, has co-authored a booked titled, Food & Beer, with Michelin award winning chef Daniel Burns. 

The beer itself is a perfect beer to start us off, decadent, rich, and ostentatious. Definitely not a beer you’d normally pick for a Tuesday night, but let’s be honest, how many of us take time to sit in the decadent, rich, and (dare I say it again) ostentatious loving presence of Jesus on a normal Tuesday night? This is one of the few beers to make its way into our Beer Advent calendar on more than one occasion, it is that good. You notice its jet-black color as you pour it, and get a decent head of pillowy brown foam. Coffee, bakers chocolate, alcohol, and dark fruits will dominate both the smell and taste. Like most imperial stouts, it has a full bodied mouth feel. So as we enjoy this luscious stout my prayer for us is that during this season we would experience Even More Jesus, and truly take time to slow down, connect with our Savior, and grow into greater degrees of His likeness.


For more information on Evil Twin Brewing Company check out their website

Advent Reflection


Isaiah 9:2 – “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light; those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined.

John 1:1-5 – “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him was not any thing made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.

The word that stuck out to me in these two passages is the word ‘light’ (no surprise, I bolded them!). Advent is a time where we wait for the LIGHT to come. This LIGHT brings hope, healing, and peace to the nations. This LIGHT is Jesus. He is the light of the world. As John describes, Jesus’ coming into the world was that He was the LIGHT driving out the darkness. Our world right now seems so dark. We don’t have to look far to recognize that darkness seems to be reigning. It’s getting darker outside earlier and the climate of our culture just seems to be dark; a global pandemic that has us shut in and hidden behind a mask. Injustice, violence, and inequalities. Divisiveness seems to be the name of the game. Darkness. But, as followers of Jesus, we can press into this waiting during Advent and anticipate the LIGHT that will come. It’s one of the reasons why I love Christmas lights so much. The light that seems to pierce through the darkness of the front yard, or the light that pierces the darkness of the living room as you sit by your Christmas tree. There’s something about those lights that just bring peace to my soul. Yet, Advent is a time where I am constantly reminding myself that the True Light came as a baby in a dark time in history, and He will come again as King to rule and reign in LIGHT. So sit by whatever light you have in your space, enjoy the incredibly tasty beer, and ponder the truth found in our Gospel reading that gives us hope: “Light shines in the darkness, and yet the darkness has not overcome it.”

Questions to Ponder: – Consider today/tonight/tomorrow, how the light of Christ may shine into the darkness around you. – Are there times in your life where you’ve accepted the darkness in which you may be called to carry the light of Christ?

Grace and Peace!


What is Advent?


Why do we do Beer Advent? Well, I really enjoy beer and the many tastes and styles of it. I also know my own heart and how easily led astray it can be, especially during this time of year. Beer Advent’s sole purpose is to enjoy different tastes of beer while living in the posture of ‘slowing down, mediating, and ordering your rhythm of life around something bigger.’ That something bigger is the season of Advent. I remember growing up in my Christian home and Advent was always the ‘thing’ that we did (lighting the Advent candles) to simply speed up the coming of Christmas. It was nothing that I really ever pressed into or allowed to resonate with my heart. The liturgical calendar (one that I was not familiar with growing up in my evangelical home) and the understanding of it has grounded me in a narrative and rhythm of life that is bigger than my own individual, personal walk with Jesus. I always knew that Christmas was more than just the materialism and commercialism that our society pushes on us during this time of year, but since I’ve dove into the richness of Church traditions that frame my time and perspective, my spiritual journey has become so much more rooted and authentic. The following excerpt is something that has greatly encouraged and challenged me as we enter into the season of Advent. It comes from a ministry called: Liturgical Folk

Advent is the first season of the Church Year. It begins on the Sunday four weeks prior to Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. It is the season in which followers of Jesus begin again their annual journey with Jesus from His conception to His coming again. During Advent, we enter into the story of Israel, identifying with the children of Israel held captive in their own land, longing for a Messiah to come and rescue them. It is also a season for us to read ourselves and wait with eager expectation for the Second Coming of Christ.

Like Lent, Advent is a fresh start for Christians. It is an opportunity for us to purge ourselves of false messiahs and turn our hearts back toward the one true Messiah, Jesus Christ. We live in a world of false gods and powerful kings that vie for our allegiance and often succeed at capturing our hearts. Just look at the frenetic and materialistic way our culture celebrates Christmas. If we allow ourselves to simply go with the flow, we will be swept into the currents of idolatry and self-worship. We need seasons like Advent to help us renounce and re-order our rhythms into Christ.

Advent is also a time for us to prepare for the coming of Christ. The word “Advent” means, “the arrival.” Jesus came to us once as a baby in Bethlehem. He will come to us again in the end. And He comes to us now by His Spirit, as we His presence daily and call upon His name. It is this past, future, and present advent for which we prepare this season.

So we put ourselves in the counter-cultural posture of silence and waiting. We refrain from the instant gratification of getting whatever we want whenever we want. And we allow ourselves to feel our need for a Savior. The season of Advent can lead us in this way, and, if we choose to participate, our celebration of Christmas will be more joyful and meaningful.”

Cheers to Beer Advent 414 circa 2020. May your walk with Christ grow deeper and richer as you press into the meaning and rhythm of Advent! Thanks for joining me in the waiting!

“Wait for the Lord, whose day is near. Wait for the Lord, keep watch take heart” – Songs of Taize

Wait for the Lord

Grace and Peace,