Day 21: Sixpoint Resin

Day 21: Sixpoint Brewery Resin – IIPA 9.1% ABV

A message from Robert: I sincerely apologize for not posting last night. Those who don’t know me too well, I am a procrastinator through and through. Those who work with me know that this is nothing new; I wait until the last minute to get things done. When it comes to lesson plans for school, I often work on it the night before. Same with my chapel messages. This way of life has often got me in trouble and last night was a perfect example of that. My rhythm in writing the Advent reflections is to sit down with the beer for the night, read Scripture, jot down my thoughts and post right around the 5:00 hour. Yesterday, at 4:30 p.m., our neighbors invited us over for a campfire and drinks to celebrate the winter solstice. I chose the campfire and community with my neighbors over writing the blog. I apologize. I hope that you enjoyed last night’s beer and please take some time tonight to read Chase’s post about beer because he had his post set and read to go.

About the Beer:

Tonight we are set to imbibe a nice little nanokeg from Sixpoint Brewery, located in Red Hook, BKLN. While we were researching for this year, Robert and I knew we wanted to select a beer from this brewery. Although it is a New York brewery, the founders met as classmates at UW-Madison, which gives us plenty of cause to feature them in our Wisconsin centric calendar. Sixpoint opened in 2004, initially only serving their beer on tap at the brewery. In 2010 they made their distribution debut in the unique slim can, or nanokegs, as they like to call them. This brewery is just flat out cool. They don’t let rules or formulas get in the way of the “Mad Science” needed to push boundaries and brew really great beer. One of their guiding philosophies is that ‘Beer is Culture.’ As Wisconsinites (and near Wisconsinites) we get that. I think of all the small towns across the state, like Monroe or New Glarus, that are alive and flourishing in part due to the presence of a brewery. 

The beer we chose from Sixpoint is arguably their most famous beer, Resin. This unfiltered IIPA is loaded with flavor from the variety of hops used to create it. The pour is a clear, bright gold accompanied by a large ivory foam. Aromas of hop bitterness, citrus fruits, pine needles, and flower pedals will set your palette for this hop candy of a beer. The light malt of this beer let the hops shine in the taste. The hop bitterness is followed by pine needles and resin that is akin to a toffee in the aftertaste. The medium bodied mouthfeel is surprisingly smooth for such a heavy beer. Enjoy this wonderful beer tonight and reflect on the ‘culture’ beer advent has created in this community over the past three weeks.



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