Day 16: Cream City Brix

Day 16: Enlightened Brewing Company Cream City Brix – Cream Ale 5% ABV

Tonight we have our one and only beer from Enlightened Brewing Company, located in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee. We intended to feature a second beer from this brewery, but sadly, Yale from Otto’s was unable to track down enough six packs for us. Founded in 2013, Enlightened brewing company boasts that they didn’t start out as masters in the brewing business, but instead they study, practice, and continue to perfect their craft. The focus of this brewery is not to create a global brand, or achieve enough distribution in order to sell for a huge profit, but simply to produce great beer. 

Cream City Brix is another beer brewed to pay homage to the great city of Milwaukee. Milwaukee got the nickname ‘Cream City’ because of the yellow-cream colored bricks made from the clay in this region of the state. The pour of this cream ale will be similar to a light lager like a pilsner, straw yellow, but with a little haziness. The aromas will be malt forward of bread and cereal grains. The taste likewise is malt forward with just a little bitter from the single addition of Willamette hops for balance. The light to medium body mouthfeel makes Cream City Brix a go to beer. I hope you enjoy this celebration of a part of Milwaukee’s history.



P.S. This is Robert chiming in on the beer description…Chase and I like to think that Giannis Antentokoumpo signed on with the Bucks for the next 5 years because by happenstance, he stumbled across BeerAdvent 414 and their focus on Milwaukee breweries this year and thought to himself, “Why would I go to any other city?”. As you drink tonight’s ‘Cream City Brix’, search the internet for the the City Edition of the Milwaukee Bucks jerseys from last year. Milwaukee is indeed, the Cream City! Here’s to a championship in Milwaukee in the near future!

Advent Reflection


Isaiah 7:14

Therefore the Lord himself will give you a sign: The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and will call him Immanuel.”

This passage is the iconic passage that is read during Advent and/or Christmas. I mean, a prophet foretelling that a virgin will give birth?! How amazing is that?!

Well, there is so much more context to this simple verse, and we will get into it in the next day or so. Tonight though, I want you to reflect on the meaning of the name: Immanuel. It means, ‘God With Us’.

My question for you tonight is: How have you seen, ‘God with us’, in your life this year?

Grace and Peace,


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