Day 3

Day 3: Ouisconsing Red Ale

Central Waters Brewery Ouisconsing Red Ale – Red Ale 5.0 % ABV

About the Beer

Ouisconsing Red Ale is our only red ale on the calendar this year! Red ales are typically known for their caramel malt flavor that give way to the hop character as you drink the beer, and this red is true to form. The Centennial and Willamette hops provide a spicy hop flavor to compliment the sweet caramel notes as well.  

Central Waters Brewery is located in Amherst, WI and we feature a second beer from this brewery tomorrow night as well. One of the brewery’s passions is to make beer in a sustainable way and to get us as consumers to consciously think about where the ingredients for our beer come from. They make a conscious effort to buy as many of the ingredients and materials used in bottling from local farms or companies to cut down on fuel use, they generate their own green energy to power their facilities, and use recycled cardboard or other materials whenever possible. On their website they share their desire for us as beer drinkers to stop and ask, “How was my beer made?” You can check out their website,, and learn more about how Central Waters brews theirs if you desire. 

Ouisconsing Red gets its name from the Algonquin word for the Wisconsin River (or “Red Stone River”). As you pour your beer tonight, enjoy the mahogany hues and reflect on the story behind the beer that honors the heritage of our beautiful state. 



Advent Reflection

Isaiah 40:1-2
Comfort, comfort my people, says your God. Speak comfort to Jerusalem, and cry unto her, that her warfare is accomplished, that her iniquity is pardoned: for she has received of the Lord’s hand double for all her sins.

In the context of these verses, this promise is offered to people who are experiencing anything but mercy. They are in captivity, enduring seventy years of exile from their homeland, the memories of which have all but disappeared. The sights are different. The smells are different. The tastes are different. The people and customs are different. In many ways, perhaps, the Israelites feel that they have been forgotten by God.

In the context of this despair, God speaks, “Comfort, O comfort, my people…” In the midst of this pain, God provides hope. He also provides the means for His people to rise above the difficulty and experience Him and His glory.

This amazing God still speaks today. In the midst of our failure, He speaks comfort. In the midst of our pain, He offers hope.

The essence of the gospel is that God desires relationship with His creation. So, He moves toward them. In fact, Christianity is all about the saving grace of the Lord. He overrules our foolishness and rebellion with His own pardon through the finished work of Christ on the cross. God moves toward us and cries out, “Comfort, O comfort, my people.” It was not only His message to Israel; it is His message to us today.

Question to Ponder:

Do you believe God can bring comfort? Where, in your life, do you feel like you need comfort right now?

Maybe you doubt that this comfort will come. I know that I do sometimes, or should I say, I do often. But God was able to make good His promise to Israel, and He is able to make good His promise to you. He moves toward, and He comforts.

Take ‘comfort’ in that as you drink this local brew!

Grace and Peace,

4 thoughts on “Day 3

  1. Central Waters wants me to ask how my beer was made. Jesus wants me to ask how I was made. Comforted tonight that I’m discontent because I ignore what’s closest to me, what’s most ‘local’—my maker the sustainer. Cheers to localism!


  2. “…she has received the Lord’s hand…” Jerusalem is so fortunate to have God on its side. How fortunate are we, living in Ouinsconsing, to benefit from the Red and Bread (of life) gift of our Savior with His sacrifice. I am thankful for the prophets who prepared the Way, and for the community of 414 Beer Advent!


  3. I experience comfort from reading and
    Meditating on Gods word. But I do this way too infrequently. Woe to me that I experience this comfort only 30 minutes a day on a good week. Amazing that an even fuller comfort will one day be our constant existence


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