Beer Advent 2020

Day 2: Shiner Cheer

Spoetzl Brewery Shiner Holiday Cheer – Holiday Dunkelweizen 5.4% ABV

About the Beer:

It is not often that a beer makes a repeat appearance on our calendar at any point, let alone two years in a row, but when we started to make our list a few months ago we knew Shiner Holiday Cheer needed to be on it. When you think of holiday seasonals, we immediately think of some version of spiced ale, scotch ale, or some other malty varietal. This beer stands out among the crowd of Christmas beers as one of the few dunkels in the category. Like in any dunkelweizen, you will get a taste of toasty bread, caramel, and even some fruit that can come across like a banana, but the secret to Shiner’s rendition is that they add Texas peaches and roasted pecans during the brewing process. This beer is loaded with flavor and not too heavy that it makes you want more than one! If you enjoy it, I recommend looking for it in your local liquor store ASAP! Last year many of us who loved the beer during advent were unable to find it later in the month. 

Shiner Holiday Cheer is brewed by Spoetzel Brewery located in Shiner, Texas. As the bottle will tell you, “Every Drop of Shiner is Brewed in Shiner, TX,” still using water from the same artesian well they used when the brewery was found by Kosmos Spoetzl in 1909. Shiner beer is Texas through and through, and we are privileged to get to enjoy what in my opinion is Texas’ greatest export. Though I’ve never been, Shiner seems like a little slice of Wisconsin nestled deep in the heart of Texas, a town that has been built up and supported by the brewery for much of its existence. I hope you enjoy this wonderful gem of a beer, and if it is one of your favorites, you stock up early on it next fall so you can enjoy it throughout the holiday season.



For more information on Spoetzl Brewery check out their website

Advent Reflection


Isaiah 40:3
The voice of him that crieth in the wilderness, Prepare ye the way of the Lord, make straight in the desert a highway for our God.

I’m not sure how many of you feel, but for me, my current life has become like a desert. My community has dwindled to a small bubble. I can’t even remember the last time that I went to a church service and experienced all of those ‘Christian’ things. Life just seems weird and as much I tell myself to embrace it, it is so difficult. When the ordinary is made crooked I seem to be set on edge. When I feel cornered, I clumsily and impatiently trip over those close to me. I am parched, thirsty for the oasis of what my memories tell me were the good old days. I am longing for a voice to cry out in my wilderness.

I think that this is why I am so drawn to the season of Advent. It’s a season of waiting, longing, groaning. It’s a season of anticipating the truth that ‘something is going to be different’. The Scripture passage tonight from Isaiah tells of one who will cry in the wilderness ‘Prepare the way of the Lord.‘ This is what we proclaim to one another during Advent. This is what we look forward to as we enjoy each beer and read each reflection. This is where we can find our comfort!

During Advent we wait….yet…we look forward; and we cling to truth of the comfort that is promised towards the end of Isaiah 40!

Enjoy tonight’s beer!

Grace and Peace!

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