Day 22: Southern Tier Creme Brulee

About the Beer:

Southern Tier Brewing Company began brewing beer in 2002 in Lakewood, New York. Since their conception they have worked to create new and interesting beers. Their website shares the following motto, ‘For us, good living means exploring – the opposite of “comfortable.” It’s not just about craft, but about questing, questioning, transforming “What If” into “Here’s How,” by way of an experiment so crazy, it just might work.’ 
Creme Brulee is the result of one of those bold experiments! The Blackwater Series was launched in 2004, and is partly responsible for helping start the popularity of dessert beers. The base for all of these beers is a Russian Imperial Stout. What makes this specific iteration is brewed with vanilla beans, giving it notes of vanilla and custard with a smooth, milky finish. Each Southern Tier nitro can uses integrated technology to release the nitrogen when opened. The nitro instantly activates a smooth mouthfeel and thicker, creamier head for a decadent experience. 

Cheers to experimental beers.

Advent Reflection: For the last four Sundays of Advent we have sung this song at my church before the reading of the Gospel. It has been a beautiful practice for my soul as it builds the anticipation and longing for the coming of Jesus. For our reflection tonight, take a few moments to listen to this song. I pray that it cultivates a longing in your heart.

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