Day 18: Ale Asylum B2D2

About the Beer:
Ale Asylum Brewery is yet another brewery located in Madison, WI. Ale Asylum was opened in 2006 by a marketing director and a brewmaster (talk about a match made in heaven). They have always been focused on using their resources as efficiently as possible, from using custom made wort chillers in the brewing process to giving farmers their spent grains to use as feed, and it remains a priority for the brewery to this day. B2D2 is a hazy New England IPA made as an homage to the button mashing video games of our youth. It has a bright mosaic hop punch with a soft mouth feel. As you enjoy it, reminisce about your favorite video game from the original Nintendo Entertainment System (mine would either be Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Duck Hunt).

Advent Reflection: I had my ‘holiday’ party at work tonight and time got away from me so I didn’t get around to sharing a devotion for tonight. Here is a song that I have greatly appreciated over the years. It’s not that often that you hear a song quoting a genealogy from the Bible. Andrew Peterson does it extremely well I’d say. The song is called “Matthew’s Begats” and is taken from Matthew 1. If you are interested in a wonderful Christmas album that is faithful to the Scriptures, make sure that you check out Andrew Peterson’s album: ‘Behold the Lamb of God’.

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