Gathering of the Beer!

Well, as I type this blog post (the first of this Beer Advent season) I am getting so excited about putting together the cases.  As we speak, I have about 14 cases of beer in my upstairs closet.  It is quite a glorious sight.  As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, I’m wondering what some of your Thanksgiving traditions are.  Are you the type of person/family where Thanksgiving sort of melds with Christmas and you do the decorations, tree, shopping during this weekend in November or does Thanksgiving stand alone for you?  As I think about the last three Thanksgivings (including this one), a tradition that has become rather all consuming but OH so fun, is the gathering of Beer Advent beer and compiling them into the cases.  That is what I will be doing in the next few days and I am so looking forward to it.  Stay tuned for when I will have your case and calendar ready!

In the next few days may your heart and mind ponder on these words from Psalm 118 “Oh give thanks to the LORD, for HE is good; HIS steadfast love endures forever!”



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